When you’re after peace of mind about a bothersome spot or your skin in general, you want to be treated first as a whole human being - not a series of body parts.

You also want to be looked after by seasoned expert doctors who just love helping patients like you reduce their risk of having their lives upended by an aggressive skin cancer as much as possible by combining their experience with cutting edge technology.

At NBSCC & SCSCC that’s exactly what you’ll find;

  • caring, experienced doctors with decades of skin cancer treatment & management expertise

  • State of the art imaging technologies that can assist the doctors in all forms of skin cancers other concerning lesion or moles.

  • backed up by skin cancer specialist pathologists that provide the latest in skin cancer pathology testing

All underpinned by clinic protocols that allow the time it really takes to perform your skin cancer check thoroughly. Oh, and we’ll make sure that you’re reminded to come in for regular check ups too.